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Rolling Mill


We produce equipment, spare parts & assemblies for hot strip and plate mills, steckel mills, CSP mills, cold rolling mills and finishing lines.

Our extensive background and expert skills acquired throughout decades of presence in the steel market allow us to provide a wide range of new equipment, service and repair for Hot Mill Mandrels, Cold Mill Pay-off & Tension Reels, Process Line Reels & Reel Heads, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, HACG Cylinders, Bending Blocks, Shifting Blocks, Balancing Cylinders, Entry & Exit Guides, Crop Shear Drums, Liners, Wear Plates, Pinch Rolls, Tension Rolls, Retainer Racks, Pinions, Pipe Mill Stands and many other components.

Crop Shear

Coiler Assembly

Spindle Bearing Housing

Coil Car


Mill Housing Screw & Nut

C-Frame c/w Wrappers

Side Trimmer


Rolling Mill (or roll stand or steel rolling mill) is a machine in which all the equipment for metal rolling like rolls, bearings, housing, motors, frame, power system, etc are set up to perform a metal rolling operation.

In steel rolling mills, workpiece having greater thickness is fed through the rollers and the final workpiece with reduced thickness and better surface finish is obtained.


A Few important assemblies/components that we manufacture for steel rolling mills are listed below.

• Coiler Mandrel Assemblies (Our Specialty)

• Rolls

• C-Frames & Belt Feeders

• Bearings & Housings

• Complete Shear Assemblies

• Motors & Frames

• Slag Removal/Transfer System (i.e. Torpedo Shells)

• Gap control mechanism

• Power system

• Power transmission mechanism

And many more!!