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Continuous cast shapes are produced by introducing molten metal into a vertical or horizontal mold that has the ability for rapidly chilling the metal to the point of solidification. The rapid chilling in the mold ensures a fine, uniform grain structure in the solidified metal with higher physical properties than sand castings. Once solidified, the cast shaped bar is cut to the desired length.

The most common continuous casting shapes produced are tubes and solids. However, other continuous casting shapes such as square, rectangular, hexagonal, and many other irregular shapes can also be produced to match a desired finished part profile.

Billit Caster

Slab Caster Segment

2nd Strand Bloom Caster


Bloom Caster

Casting Mould

Mould Oscillator

Castor Roll Spares

We manufacture an array of continuous casting equipment as well as sub-components namely:

• Billet, Bloom, Slab Casting Equipment

• Ladles & Ladle Hooks

• Ladle Transfer Cars

• Rollers

• Bearings

• Hydraulic components

• Copper Tubing

• Oscillators

• Complete Assemlies

And many more!!